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Another Killer Poster From Production Design

Courtesy of Matt Hamilton.

Sheridan Film Festival Poster By Osvaldo Sepulveda


Steel House
Directed by Mikelle Virey Written by Cary Liberman
DOP Patrick Mainville

Production Design Cassie K

The Sheridan ATVF Film Festival is Coming Soon.

“The Darkroom was a real camera store on the Miracle Mile at 5370 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles. It opened in 1938 (or 1935 or 1937, depending on which book or website you want to believe). The 9-foot-tall camera was made of black vitrolite (an opaque pigmented glass), with clear glass as display windows. The round window in the position of the camera lens echoes the use of round porthole-style windows in other Streamline Moderne buildings of 1930s. It was an eye-catching way to call attention to a camera store—and quite appropriate in Southern California where a hotdog stand can look like a hot dog and a doughnut store can be topped by an immense doughnut.”

It’s now a Mexican restaurant.